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Why a Granny Flat?

Why a Granny Flat for your Sydney home?

Granny flats are the cost effective answer to many of the challenges facing today's modern family, from helping your parents, assisting the kids get started in life or even helping to pay off that home loan earlier. They are inexpensive, convenient, quick to build and in some cases don't event need council approval. But don't be fooled...not all granny flats are equal!

Thinc Projects (Granny Flats Builder Sydney) can take you by the hand from concept right through to the day you move in. Choose one of our granny flats designs or we can customise a plan to suit your personal needs.

Thinc Projects is qualified, licensed granny flat builders in Inner West Sydney, the Hills District, near the Northern Beaches, or located in the Upper and Lower North shore of Sydney, ready to help you from the first consultation to the finishing touches on your new granny flat. Our professional/Qualified home builders know this additional to your property not only upgrades the quality of your life, but also the value of your home.

Elderly Parents

A granny flat in Sydney is ideal for elderly parents who may need constant care or just someone close at home whilst still maintaining their independence; it gives you both peace of mind.

Parents looking to down size

When the family home becomes a handful to maintain, why not move into an easy care granny flat and let the kids move into the house? This not only gives you time to enjoy your retirement by staying in the you know and love, but it also helps the kids move up a step to a bigger family home.

Kids need a hand to save a deposit

With constantly rising prices, getting your first step onto the property ladder is getting tougher every day. A Sydney granny flat can help your kids save for that vital deposit on their first home, whilst giving them privacy and saving on rent.

Teenager retreat

Teenagers need their own space away from their parents (or vice versa). The granny flat is a cost effective answer where you can still keep your eye on them.

Rental to help pay off the home loan

Why not build a cost effective rental to help pay off that home loan quicker, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run?